Operating wireless Wi-Fi lights iLED7 and system operating tables TS7500 in the Innovation Center of Cardiac and Vascular Surgery Dobrobut (Kyiv)

System Operating table Maintenance (June 2020)

In 2019, the first system table was delivered in Dobrobut.
This is an operating table with removable tabletops. Literally – the column of the table is in the operating room, and the tabletops move between the recovery and the operating room on special shuttles. This allows you to speed up the process of preparing the patient and reduce downtime – while one table is operated on, another patient is being prepared at the same time.
In addition, it is less traumatic for the patient – there is no need to move him until he regains consciousness. And if necessary, you can quickly return to the operating room, without reverse translation.
Conducted maintenance, checked all the functions, controls, angles of inclination.
Replaced the sensor that gave an error in the lateral tilt, disassembled the table column, checked the operation of all mechanisms.

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