The innovative modular system allows you to equip the pendant with sockets, various shelves and drawers, in any number and location to meet any requirements.
4 working sides of the pendant with sockets and the ability to attach accessories.
The pendant can be modified by adding modules without opening the ceiling and removing the pendant - in just 2-3 hours, without downtime.
Selection of individual arm length according to the operating room configuration. Shelves and other accessories can be rearranged without the use of tools along the entire length of the column with a step of 2.5 cm.
The absence of visible screws and holes facilitates and accelerates disinfection and cleaning in the operating room.
The pendant is easily moved inside the operating room thanks to pneumatic brakes. Using the TruPort pendant with height adjustment, you can place shelves for equipment at eye level, which provides ease of use for people of any height.
Pendant types: